Do cooling collars work for my French bulldog?

As the weather warms up, our Frenchies go through real struggles. They can start to pant, fight for air, and become unable to regulate their body temperature. That’s the time when the dog cooling collars should step in. French bulldog cooling collars are made of special heat-resistant fabric and most of them come with cooling gel filling.

How can a cooling collar save your Frenchie from overheating?

By cooling the neck area, we help in prevent heatstroke-induced reduction of blood supply to the brain. The neck area is known as a ‘refreshment spot’, so when the dog protects his neck with cold and wet covering, he will stay safe from overheating. His head will heat up more slowly and his blood vessels will feel less pressure.

When we talk about French bulldogs, they’re naturally prone to heat exhaustion. Speaking generally, small dog breeds are on a higher tendency to suffer from this condition. Therefore, as an owner of this breed, you have to monitor your French bulldog’s body language 24/7. Frenchies and hot weather don’t go hand in hand. To keep them safe during the summer months, we have to invest in cooling equipment and buy them cooling collars, summer cooling vests, and many more.

Dog cooling collars for Frenchies represent the perfect addition to summer adventures to help these little gremlins spend more time outside.

What are the best picks of French bulldog cooling collars?

Summer French Bulldog Cooling Bandana

This lightweight cooling collar is made of breathable mesh fabric that reduces the body temperature. Your dog should wear it wet because that’s how he will enjoy a cooling effect. Just soak the bandana in cold water, place it in the fridge for about 20 min before wearing it, and your pooch will stay safe from heatstroke for at least two hours.

cooling collar

French Bulldog Cooling Collar

Unlike the previous one, this one features a gel filling inside. The gel will keep your Frenchie cool for a longer period, and the best cooling effect can be provided when you place the collar in the fridge to cool off. This dog cooling collar is adjustable, so you can set the size with an adjustable drawstring. Four gel packs inside the collar and neoprene fabric make it a perfect solution to keep a French bulldog safe from heatstroke.

3 dog cooling collar

Dog Cooling Bandana

Made of high-tech polyester fabric, this French bulldog cooling bandana works the same as the previous two types. It features a velcro closure for easier size setting and it’s easy to use.


French Bulldog Cooling Collar

This type of cooling collar is very practical because you take out the gel packs from it. It has a zipper closure to inset the gel packs and wash them as needed. The gel packs can be cooled off in the fridge separately, while the fabric of the collar is skin friendly and won’t irritate the dog’s skin.

4 collar

How to recognize I your French bulldog is feeling overheated?

As we already mentioned, prevention is the key to keeping your dog safe in the summer. Our four-legged family members can’t talk, so that’s why it’s important to monitor their body language and react quickly in case of an emergency. These are some of the symptoms that will show you when your dog feels heat exhaustion.

  • Your Frenchie can have sticky slobber and drool excessively.
  • Fast and difficult breathing.
  • Your dog’s moves will become slowlier.
  • A dog may start to pant and shake.
  • Some pooches can start vomiting or have diarrhea.
  • Loss of consciousness can occur when a dog is severely dehydrated.
  • The heartbeat will be accelerated.


Do cooling collars work for my French bulldog? Wrapping up

Cooling collars definitely help your dog to feel more pleasant in the summer, but they can’t completely prevent your Frenchie from heatstroke. Many other ways are also of great importance in making your pooch cool and comfortable. Paying attention to the pet’s water intake, as well as choosing the time and place for strolls is equally important.

Cooling collars are just one of the methods to help your pooch decrease his/her body temperature or keep it within normal limits. Other summer essentials for your Frenchie are cooling beds and summer cooling vests that provide both skin protection and make your dog safe in hot weather.

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