Cowboy Dog Costume For French Bulldogs

We all agree that getting ready for special occasions bring positive and fun vibes into our homes. Whether it’s Halloween party, someone’s birthday, or Christmas, you surely don’t want your Frenchie to wear basic and boring-looking clothes. Our dogs equally deserve to look festive on those special days.  That’s why we want to represent you with the Cowboy Dog Costume for French bulldogs. This hilarious piece of clothing will surely bring funny moments for everyone.

Why We Love Cowboy Dog Costume For French Bulldogs?

  • Vest made of pleasant fabric

Do you want to turn your Frenchie into a mad bull who constantly runs through the house? Well, we are pretty sure that you won’t stop laughing when you dress your pooch into our Cowboy Dog Costume For French Bulldogs. It’s actually an easy-to-dress vest that looks like a saddle. On top of it, we’ve sewed a cowboy who will waggle as your dog walks.

  • Velcro straps for extra comfort

The vest comes with multiple velcro straps that can be very handy if you want to set the size. Besides, the whole costume is made of soft plush that won’t irritate the dog’s skin. Since we all know how Frenchie’s skin reacts sensitively to rough fabrics, we’ve decided to use a micro plush that gently fits the skin.

cowboy dog costume for french bulldogs


  • Funny cowboy toy on the top

Unlike other French bulldog costumes, this one will provenly bring a lot of fun to Halloween party. The cowboy toy will tease your dog while walking, so he’ll so desperately want to overthrow it from his back.

When to wear French bulldog costumes?

It’s an undeniable fact that Frenchies are the kings of uniqueness. Their bat ears, piggy bodies, and smushed faces can’t go unnoticed wherever they paw in. Besides, their snoring, snorting, and farting are another feature that we can’t forget.

Therefore, if you’re a Frenchie owner, you’ll surely adore seeing your pet dressed in funny Halloween outfit. French bulldog costumes can be worn on different occasions. Whether it’s a costume party, Christmas, or someone’s birthday, you can spice up your dog’s wardrobe with such a unique piece of clothing.

Unlike most dog costumes that make our pets uncomfy, this one is actually tailored like a vest. There are no sleeves, belts, and other extensions that would cover a large area of your dog’s body. Your pet will be able to move freely, jump around, and run like he’s not wearing anything.

COWBOY DOG COSTUME for french bulldogs


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