French bulldog Costumes

We can’t deny that French bulldogs steal attention wherever they appear. However, sometimes, it’s good to spice up a holiday by dressing your pooch into one of our French bulldog costumes. Whether you are celebrating Halloween, Christmas or someone’s birthday, it would be great to celebrate those special moments ‘in a style’.

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French bulldog costumes for special occasions

Are you searching for a unique and adorable costume for your Frenchie? Well, in that case, you are probably not enough of showing everyone how gorgeous four-legged friend you have. Our French bulldog costumes are crafted with plenty of love for these little batpigs and serve to bring festive moments to your home.

Costumes for Frenchies range from crazy-looking to cute-looking. Besides finding those that your pooch can wear to strolls, you’ll also be able to choose a costume that will turn your little gremlin into a scary beast.

Our clients especially adore Halloween French bulldog costumes. And, are you interested to discover something about the history and tradition of wearing costumes on this holiday?

The history of Halloween dates back to the time of Pagans and Celtics. They believed that the spirits and ghosts of dead people come to the world of living to bring poor health and bad luck when the summer ends. For Celtics, it was the last day of October. Therefore, they decided to scare the spirits and ghosts of the dead people by wearing scary masks and costumes. And that’s how this tradition remained to this day.

Today, we can see celebrities spending hours and hours in preparing the best Halloween costume. However, not only humans but also dogs and cats dress into the craziest costumes you’ll ever see.

In our great assortment of French bulldog costumes, you’ll find the piece for every occasion. Your Frenchie may become a little four-legged Santa or a Santa’s helper and bring joyful and festive memories to your family.

What to consider when buying French bulldog costumes?

One of the most important rules when buying clothes and costumes for your Frenchie is to make sure whether he’s feeling comfy. Luckily, each of our costumes has been tried on the French bulldog breed to make sure if the cut fits.

If you are buying a costume with a part that goes over your dog’s head, it’s essential to check whether it bothers his respiratory system. Some costumes can even be used as comfy pajamas, so your frog dog can use it for everyday chilling.

The fabric is another feature to check. Our French bulldog costumes are made of soft fleece and plushes that don’t irritate the dog’s skin. They’ll make your dog comfy to wear them and enjoy family photo shooting.

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