Santa Paws Dog Costume For French Bulldogs

Let your dog look festive, cute, and warm on the most magical day of the year. The Santa Paws Dog costume for French bulldogs is perfect for taking family photos and celebrating Christmas Eve. Don’t forget that Christmas tradition brings a memorable time for all of us, even for our four-legged family members.

Why we love The Santa Paws Dog Costume for French Bulldogs?

Warm fleeceBesides it’s inspired by Santa’s costume, this Frenchie jumpsuit will work great as a thermal layer during those chilly winter days. The soft and elastic fabric is perfect for performing all types of activities. Your pup will feel comfy to roll, jump, and rest all day long in this Santa Paws Dog Costume for French bulldogs.Adorable designWe all love to wear holiday-inspired clothes on those days when we celebrate Christmas and New Year. Therefore, roll up your little gremlin and turn him into an adorable Santa Claus. This Frenchie jumpsuit is decorated with a fake bag that carries a reindeer attached to a dog’s back, while the black belt fulfills the combination.Easy to dressThis French bulldog costume is easy to dress thanks to buttons on a dog’s belly. The cut is tailored to suit the French bulldog breed, while the cuffs provide extra warmth because they are made of plush.costumes for french bulldogs

Santa Claus costumes for French bulldogs to celebrate the holiday season

Get your Frenchie in the holiday spirit with these awesome Santa Claus costumes for French bulldogs! Planning the perfect Christmas day outfit for your lovely gremlin has never seemed easier. While some of us love to unwrap present in pajamas, others choose taking family photos around the Christmas tree. Therefore, whatever your choice is, these picks will definitely put a smile on your face.French Bulldog Christmas Santa OutfitWhether you want to embrace your pooch with a festive outfit or just need a piece of clothing to make it warm, this pick will be hard to resist. It actually looks like a vest and there is an attached Santa on the back. The hood is decorated with reindeer horns, so you’ll Frenchie turn into the cutest Santa’s crew you’ll ever see.costume for french bulldogsBesides, this French bulldog costume is available in one more pattern which is emblazoned with a Christmas tree on the dog’s back. December is the best time to cast aside your dog’s style, so what are you waiting for?costume for french bulldogs

French Bulldog Santa Claus Riding Deer Christmas Costume

The following costume for French bulldogs will surely provide lots of laughter to your family. Your dog will look super cute, while the soft fabric and easy to dress cut won’t make your dog uncomfortable. The attached Santa on the dog’s back will sway while your dog walks, while the velcro that goes around the dog’s belly allows you to set the size. 
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