Contemporary Hooded French Bulldog Jacket

Are you looking for a luxurious and quality French bulldog jacket to make your dog warm and safe this winter season? If yes, then you’re gonna love our Contemporary Hooded French Bulldog Jacket. It’s available in two metallic colors and will make your dog spotted wherever it appears.

Why we love Contemporary Hooded French Bulldog Jacket?

Luxurious details

Unlike other basic-looking jackets for French bulldogs, this one features luxurious faux fur on the hood. Besides, it’s crafted in gorgeous metallic rose gold and silver colors. Your little princess will look always in trend and ready for the winter season.

contemporary hooded french bulldog jacket 2

Thick filling

Since it’s filled with felt, your four-legged friend will feel warm and snug. And, since Frenchie are prone to hypothermia, your pet would be grateful to have an extra layer around his body. In that way, your little gremlin won’t get frostbites, won’t tremble, and raise legs due to feeling cold.

Thick felt filling inside of the jacket is important because it serves as a thermal layer that helps your dog to maintain his optimal body temperature.

Quality fabrics

The outer layer of this French bulldog jacket is made of water-resistant metallic fabric. Since it’s shiny, your dog will look potted and noticed wherever you go. The inner layer of this fabric is made of the quality and soft cotton. In that way, we prevent your Frenchie from itchiness, redness, and other skin allergies. Since we all know how it can be disturbing to wear clothes made of unpleasant fabrics, we decided to choose this jacket for that very reason.

Luxurious details

We all love seeing our dogs dressed like million-dollar babies. That’s why you can’t go wrong by choosing the Contemporary Hooded French bulldog jacket for this winter season. Decorated with rich and luxurious fur on the hood, your dog will look attractive, spotted, and fancy even when you to regular strolls.

And, do you know what else do we like about this jacket? The removable hood. When you get bored of the hood, you can remove it by using simple buttons on the back.

contemporary hooded french bulldog jacket 1


Easy to dress and maintain

Since it’s made in shiny rose gold and silver colors, we don’t recommend you to wash this Frenchie jacket in a machine. Instead, use cold soapy water and hand washing for cleaning. Thanks to a button closure on the belly, you’ll be able to quickly dress on and take off this jacket from your dog.

Besides, there won’t be any painful hair twitching, and other discomforts that will make your dog feel nervous. Contemporary hooded French bulldog jacket is ready to become the part of your dog’s closet! Choose your favorite color, and show everyone how gorgeous dog you own.



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