Classic French Bulldog Raincoat

The summer season is coming to an end soon, so we have to think about how to keep our Frenchies safe in windy and rainy weather. Taking your pooch outside in wet weather can cause him/her to suffer from hypothermia or catch a cold. That’s why it’s essential to buy protective autumn clothing to keep your little gremlin comfortable and safe in low temperatures. The Classic French bulldog raincoat is one of those ‘must-have’ items your little gremlin gotta have this season. It’s lightweight but still enough warm to make your pooch pleasant when walking in crispy and windy weather.

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Get your dog ready for any adventure with a stylish and fashionable raincoat. Nothing says “I love my pup” more than a good old-fashioned pampering session before heading out into the world or lounging around on a rainy day. And let’s be honest- they don’t make ’em cuter than Frenchie!

Why does your Frenchie need a raincoat?    

Dog raincoats represent a practical solution to keep the dog’s fur dry in the rain. Since drying and cleaning the dog’s coat every time you get back from a walk can be really exhausting, buying a raincoat for your pooch will save your time. Besides, it can prevent a dog from catching a cold and suffering from hypothermia. Since Frenchies quickly lose their body heat, wearing even lightweight coats will help them in regulating their body temperatures.

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Why we love the Classic French Bulldog Raincoat?  

Lightweight and waterproof fabric

One of the features you’ll love about this French bulldog coat is the fabric. It features PVC waterproof fabric that won’t allow a single drop of rain to reach your dog’s fur. The coat is available in two colors and thanks to a Velcro closure, you’ll be able to easily set the size. Besides, it also comes with a hood that will protect your dog’s head and ears in windy and rainy conditions. Since this Classic French bulldog raincoat is made of a lightweight fabric, your little gremlin will enjoy wearing it and will be able to perform any type of activity.

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Easy to dress on and take off

This Frenchie raincoat is quite easy to dress thanks to Velcro closures on the belly and elastic bands. Thanks to these features, your furry friend won’t show indisposition and will accept the wearing of clothes nicely.

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Full-body coverage

Complete body coverage will mean a lot both for you and your little gremlin. The raincoat features elastic bands that go around the dog’s legs, and an added shoulder protection as well. Since we all know that dogs adore jumping in the puddles, running, and rolling, the shoulder coverage will make your pet safer when clowning around.

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