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jumper for french bulldogs

Rainbow Knitted Jumper For French Bulldogs

Are you one of those owners who adores dressing your dog into trendy dog clothes? Well, if you enjoy seeing your Frenchie dressed in stylish and warm clothes this winter season, then it’s high time to check this Rainbow Knitted Jumper for French bulldogs. Why we love the Rainbow Knitted Jumper for French bulldogs? When we talk about Frenchies, it’s not only about fashion when buying clothes for these little gremlins. French bulldogs simply need to wear warm clothes on chilly days. It’s because their flat snouts make them incapable to keep their body temperature within normal limits. By dressing…
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santa paws costume for french bulldogs

Santa Paws Dog Costume For French Bulldogs

Let your dog look festive, cute, and warm on the most magical day of the year. The Santa Paws Dog costume for French bulldogs is perfect for taking family photos and celebrating Christmas Eve. Don’t forget that Christmas tradition brings a memorable time for all of us, even for our four-legged family members. Why we love The Santa Paws Dog Costume for French Bulldogs? Warm fleece Besides it’s inspired by Santa’s costume, this Frenchie jumpsuit will work great as a thermal layer during those chilly winter days. The soft and elastic fabric is perfect for performing all types of activities.…
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french bulldog sweater

Snowflake French Bulldog Sweater

Wintertime might be your favorite part of the year, but for your Frenchie, it’s definitely not. Wearing layers is a must-do task for these little gremlins, not only because we love to see them looking cute but also because we need to prevent them from hypothermia. The Snowflake French Bulldog Sweater will not only make your dog warm but also spotted and ready for the most magical part of the year. Why does your French bulldog need to wear clothes? As a Frenchie owner, you’ve probably heard of their tendency to quickly lose heat. Besides, they are also incapable to…
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french bulldog jumpsuit

All Over Frenchie Snowsuit- French Bulldog Jumpsuit

Does your dog love to dig, roll, and jump in the snow? If your little Frenchie acts like a child and enjoys playing in powdery slopes in his neighborhood, then it’s high time to think about how to protect him on cold days. All Over Frenchie Snowsuit provides total support in those icy weather and will keep your pooch safe from hypothermia. French bulldog jumpsuit covers a large part of your dog’s body, and it works as a thermal and water-resistant layer that will keep his fur dry. Why you should choose All Over Frenchie Snowsuit for your pet? Prevention of…
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dog anxiety jacket

Emotional Appeasing Clothes: Dog Anxiety Jacket

  Does your dog look like he’s unable to settle down after realizing that you’re preparing to leave the house? Your dog’s strange behavior shouldn’t go unnoticed because it can represent a sign of separation anxiety. Dogs can also express anxious behavior during storms, firework, and other stressful situations. That’s why we want to introduce you to the Emotional Appeasing Clothes: Dog Anxiety Jacket. This French bulldog jacket can make your dog relaxed and calm during different stressful situations. How does Emotional Appeasing Clothes: Dog Anxiety Jacket help your French bulldog? Since Frenchies are considered very dependable dogs, leaving them…
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sweater for french bulldogs

Ugly Dog Sweater For French Bulldogs

Let your dog safely and confidently step into the winter season by dressing him/her in an inevitable piece of wardrobe during the holiday season. The Ugly dog sweater for French bulldogs is inspired by humans’ Christmas sweaters and will add a festive and cheerful detail to your batpig’s outfit. Why do French Bulldogs need to wear sweaters? Unlike many other dog breeds, Frenchies require wearing protective and warm layers on cold days. Just remember how your pooch acts when you take him outside in the winter. Trembling, panting, heavy breathing, and stiff muscles can be only some of the signs…
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french bulldog coat

Luxury Princess Pink French Bulldog Coat

Are you a French bulldog owner who adores dressing your pooch in fancy and stylish dog clothes? The Luxury Princess Pink French Bulldog Coat is specially made for those furry pooches who like to look like million-dollar babies wherever they go. Why we love Luxury Princess Pink French Bulldog Coat? Crafted of the softest faux fur and carefully made to suit these little gremlins, this Luxury Princess Pink French Bulldog Coat will become a perfect addition when going to someone’s birthday, wedding, or some other special occasion. High cut If you always had trouble with choosing the right cut for…
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christmas ugly sweaters for french bulldogs

Christmas Ugly Sweaters for French Bulldogs

The winter season has almost arrived. And for you and your Frenchie, it means wearing warm and thick clothes that will make us feel comfortable. Since everyone deserves to have an ‘ugly sweater’ for celebrating Christmas Eve, we recommend you to check Christmas Ugly Sweaters for French Bulldogs from our store. Why we love Christmas Ugly Sweaters for French Bulldogs? Christmas sweaters not only keep your French bulldog warm, but they also bring the holiday spirit into your home. Isn’t it great to see your family members all dressed in ugly sweaters, opening the presents, and celebrating one of the…
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contemporary hooded french bulldog jacket 1

Contemporary Hooded French Bulldog Jacket

Are you looking for a luxurious and quality French bulldog jacket to make your dog warm and safe this winter season? If yes, then you’re gonna love our Contemporary Hooded French Bulldog Jacket. It’s available in two metallic colors and will make your dog spotted wherever it appears. Why we love Contemporary Hooded French Bulldog Jacket? Luxurious details Unlike other basic-looking jackets for French bulldogs, this one features luxurious faux fur on the hood. Besides, it’s crafted in gorgeous metallic rose gold and silver colors. Your little princess will look always in trend and ready for the winter season. Thick…
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padded winter vests for french bulldogs

Padded Winter Vests For French Bulldogs

How many times did you want to find a 2 in 1 solution when taking your dog for a stroll? The Padded Winter Vests for French Bulldogs will become your dog’s favorite piece of clothing when going outside in the cold weather. They make the dogs warm and keep them safe during strolls at the same time. Why we love Padded Winter Vests for French bulldogs? You won’t need a harness anymore These gorgeous vest jackets feature double D rings on the back, so you can only attach a leash and your pooch will be ready for a walk. The…
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