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Two French Bulldogs wearing The Dog Face Jacket

The Dog Face Jacket

If you own a Frenchie and are constantly in a dilemma about maintaining your beloved furry friend’s temperature during winter, you should consider buying The Dog Face Jacket. French bulldogs are becoming increasingly popular as pets thanks to their pointy ears and incredibly charming personalities. However, their physical attributes are quite the opposite. They are a brachycephalic breed with flat faces and short noses. Due to this unique anatomy, Frenchies are not too fantastic at regulating their body temperatures. They also have short fur coats, making them sensitive to extreme temperatures. Essential Winter Gear for Your French Bulldog Extreme cold…

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French Bulldog Paws Care

French Bulldog Paws Care: Vet Advices

French Bulldogs are adorable and popular pets known for their affectionate nature and distinctive appearance. While their flat faces and bat-like ears steal the show, it’s essential not to overlook the importance of French Bulldog paws care. Just like humans, a dog’s paws require attention and maintenance to keep them healthy and comfortable. In this article, we’ll delve into the art of pampering your French Bulldog’s paws to ensure they remain happy and healthy throughout their life. Understanding the Importance of French Bulldog Paws Care French Bulldogs have small, compact paws that support their entire body weight. These paws are…

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french bulldog harnesses

10 Best French Bulldog Harnesses in 2023

Are you a proud parent of a French Bulldog, or as they are affectionately known, a “Frenchie”? If so, you’re already familiar with their unique charm and playful spirit. But when it comes to ensuring your Frenchie’s comfort and safety, choosing the right harness is crucial. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the world of French Bulldog harnesses, exploring why they’re superior to collars, how to select the perfect one, the various types available, and, most importantly, our top 10 picks for the best French Bulldog harnesses in 2023. Why Choose a Harness Over a Collar for a French…

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frenchie (2)

Top 9 French Bulldog Hoodies in 2023

If you’re the proud owner of a French Bulldog, you know that these cute little friends deserve the best when it comes to comfort and style. French Bulldogs are especially sensitive to cold because of their short snout and small bodies. That’s why buying your Frenchie a high-quality hoodie or a jacket would be a wise investment. To keep your furry friend snug, and stylish, we’ve selected the top 9 French Bulldog hoodies for 2023.  French Bulldogs are not just pets; they are beloved members of our families. Ensuring their comfort is a top priority for every responsible owner. As…

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french bulldog winter jackets

What Are The Best Picks Of French Bulldog Winter Jackets?

How many times have you seen your Frenchie shivering or raising one leg during walks? As the temperature drops, not only people but also our pets have to stay protected during inclement weather conditions. Since low temperatures can turn out to be fatal for your pooch, we decided to make a list of the best French bulldog winter jackets. All picks have been tested on our Frenchies, so you can be sure your dog will enjoy wearing them. Can French bulldogs catch a cold? Like humans, any dog can catch a cold but there is nothing to worry about. Even…

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french bulldog raincoats

Top 8 French Bulldog Raincoats in 2022

Keeping your Frenchie warm and snug in wet weather is important. As we all know, these little gremlins are prone to hypothermia, so walking unprotected in cold weather can leave serious consequences to their health. To make your dog comfortable and safe on outdoor adventures, we made a list of the top 9 French bulldog raincoats. They’re carefully made to suit these little gremlins and come in gorgeous designs. How to choose the best French bulldog raincoats? Frenchie raincoats serve to keep your dog’s coat dry and help in keeping their body temperature within optimal limits. Besides, they look great…

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frenchie boots

The Ultimate Guide To The Best French Bulldog Boots

As the temperature drops, we all start to think about how to keep our Frenchies safe when they go outside. Besides keeping their bodies safe from hypothermia, we also have to think about their precious paws that help them explore the world. French bulldog boots are one of the must-have items your furry friend gotta have this winter season! Do French bulldogs need boots? Not only Frenchies, but all dogs should wear boots in harsh weather conditions. Besides they keep your French bulldog’s paws dry, boots also serve as a protective layer against harmful elements. Snow, ice, sharp terrains, and…

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3 dog cooling collar

Do cooling collars work for my French bulldog?

As the weather warms up, our Frenchies go through real struggles. They can start to pant, fight for air, and become unable to regulate their body temperature. That’s the time when the dog cooling collars should step in. French bulldog cooling collars are made of special heat-resistant fabric and most of them come with cooling gel filling. How can a cooling collar save your Frenchie from overheating? By cooling the neck area, we help in prevent heatstroke-induced reduction of blood supply to the brain. The neck area is known as a ‘refreshment spot’, so when the dog protects his neck…

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Top 11 Summer Essentials For Every French Bulldog

Since summer is almost here, we all have to start thinking about how to protect our Frenchies from overheating. Unfortunately, these guys can’t regulate their body temperature due to their brachycephalic skulls. Taking them outside in hot weather is life-threatening, so that’s why we decided to provide you with the list of the top 11 Summer Essentials for your Frenchie. What are the most useful summer essentials for French bulldogs? Planning a summer vacation with a Frenchie might sound challenging. You have to choose a location/beach with plenty of natural shade and provide your pooch with special cooling clothes. Since…

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french bulldog shirts

What Are The Best French Bulldog Shirts With A Cooling Effect?

Warm days are almost here, so we need to think about how to keep our pets safe. With all those summer hotness, here comes a potential heatstroke for your Frenchie. Since it’s the last thing you want to happen to your pet, taking certain measures can help your French bulldog easier paw through warm months. These French bulldog shirts with a cooling effect are carefully made to respond to your dog’s needs. The best picks of French bulldog shirts with a cooling effect When it comes to picking French bulldog shirts, we all have to agree that fabric plays an…

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