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doctor and nurse halloween dog costume frenchie world shop 3698076450917 540x

Doctor And Nurse Halloween Dog Costume

Are you looking for a unique and funny French bulldog costume that will make your furry friend special on the Halloween party? In case you are not a fan of spooky and scary french bulldog Halloween Costumes, then these hilarious Doctor and Nurse suits will be your favorite picks. Why we love Doctor And Nurse Halloween Dog Costume? Getting ready for the craziest night in a year can turn out to be a double fun by picking a costume for your dog that will catch everyone’s eye. You can even create a matching outfit with your furry gremlin by wearing…
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french bulldog halloween headwear frenchie world shop 12721211080749 540x

French Bulldog Halloween Headwear

Halloween party is closer than ever and we are sure that you’re looking for a unique costume for your Frenchie that will make him/her stand out from the crowd. Not only you but also your little gremlin deserves to take all the attention during family photo shooting. Luckily, with this French Bulldog Halloween Headwear, no one will be able to steal the glory from your pooch. Why we love French bulldog Halloween headwear? Well, we all got used to seeing dogs dressed in costumes from head to paws. However, this one is quite different because it won’t restrict your dog’s…
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classic french bulldog raincoat frenchie world shop 3671826301029 590x

Classic French Bulldog Raincoat

The summer season is coming to an end soon, so we have to think about how to keep our Frenchies safe in windy and rainy weather. Taking your pooch outside in wet weather can cause him/her to suffer from hypothermia or catch a cold. That’s why it’s essential to buy protective autumn clothing to keep your little gremlin comfortable and safe in low temperatures. The Classic French bulldog raincoat is one of those ‘must-have’ items your little gremlin gotta have this season. It’s lightweight but still enough warm to make your pooch pleasant when walking in crispy and windy weather.…
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french bulldog jackets

Top 11 French Bulldog Jackets & Coats For The Winter Season!

As the weather gets colder, we have to keep our Frenchies protected from the winter. Every French bulldog needs to have a cozy dog jacket in his closet that will help him stay snug. Their short and thin coats make them more prone to hypothermia than other breeds when the weather is chilly. Besides, they’re unable to warm up quickly because their shortened nostrils cannot get enough air into their small bodies. That’s why we’ve selected the top 11 picks of French bulldog jackets and coats to keep your pooch both stylish and warm this winter! How to choose the…
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cow french bulldog hoodie frenchie world shop black s 26589791289493 590x

The Cutest French Bulldog Hoodies For The Autumn Season

We are certain that no dog can look as fabulous in the latest fashion clothes like French bulldogs. Their distinctive appearance and body type helps them to stay out of the crowd, which makes buying clothing for these pooches not only a subject about being fashionable but also an essential requirement. To help you enjoy this task even more, we have compiled 12 adorable outfits for your Frenchie! What are the cutest picks of French bulldog hoodies? If you want to buy French bulldog hoodies, consider the size and cut. They have short bodies with thick necks and round bellies.…
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tie dye cropped french bulldog hoodie frenchie world shop hoodie 27222167879829 540x

Tie-Dye Cropped French Bulldog Hoodie

We all want to make our dogs comfy and safe when going to explore the great outdoors. Well, with Frenchies, thinking about buying clothes is even more important because these furry gremlins are on a tendency to suffer from hypothermia. That’s why today we are going to represent you to Tie-Dye Cropped French Bulldog Hoodie made of preshrunk cotton fabric. Why do Frenchies need to wear clothes? One of the main reasons why Frenchies need to wear clothes is because of their brachycephalic skulls. Due to their flat muzzles, Frenchies can’t breathe in enough air, so they become incapable to…
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floral summer daisy frenchie tee frenchie world shop black s 31589714460821 590x

Floral Summer Daisy Frenchie Tee

Frenchies hold special places in our hearts! They’re affectionate, witty, and always in the mood to brighten up our days. Besides these facts, we all love to see them wearing cute and trendy clothes that are specially made to fit their round and piggy bodies. Whatever a Frenchie wears, it will look incredibly cute and gorgeous. That’s why we want to represent you to Floral Summer Daisy Frenchie Tee that will make your furry princess ready for summer adventures. Breathable and lightweight French bulldog shirts allow your furry friend to stay protected from harmful UV rays and look cool and trendy on any occasion.…
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summer breathable french bulldog vest frenchie world shop 11997076979757 540x

Summer Breathable French Bulldog Vest

Choosing summer cooling vests for French bulldogs represents one of the most important tasks to keep your dog safe in hot weather. In case they spend a prolonged time outside, they can get a heatstroke that can end up fatal. That’s why vets recommend dressing these little gremlins in cooling vests to help them keep their body temperature within optimal ranges. Can French bulldog cooling vests keep your dog safe in the summer? Dog cooling vests are designed to keep the core body temperature lower, preventing heat exhaustion and other negative effects of overheating. Depending on the type of fabric,…
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summer adventures french bulldog cooling vest

Summer Adventures French Bulldog Cooling Vest

As summer temperatures begin to rise, Frenchie owners should take certain measures to keep their dogs safe from heatstroke. Heatstroke in French bulldogs may include signs of discomfort such as drooling, reddened gums, vomiting, diarrhea, uncoordinated movement, and collapse. French bulldogs might be one of the best dogs for apartment-living conditions, but they’re not the best partners for outdoor adventures. That’s why you’ll need the help of Summer Adventures French Bulldog Cooling Vest to make your pooch pleasant in hot weather. Why are French bulldogs on a higher tendency to suffer from heatstroke? Not only Frenchies but also all other…
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mesh cooling french bulldog vest

Mesh Cooling French Bulldog Vest

How many times have you wondered what will be the best summer-cooling items to keep your Frenchie safe during the summer season? Fortunately, with so many items, your little gremlin will be able to spend a peaceful summer season and enjoy outdoor adventures with you. Mesh Cooling French Bulldog Vest is specially created to help your dog to maintain his optimal body temperature. It features a middle layer that serves as water storage, so your pet will get a cooling effect for a prolonged period of time. Why is it important to buy Mesh Cooling Vest for Your French bulldog?…
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