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christmas ugly sweaters for french bulldogs

Christmas Ugly Sweaters for French Bulldogs

The winter season has almost arrived. And for you and your Frenchie, it means wearing warm and thick clothes that will make us feel comfortable. Since everyone deserves to have an ‘ugly sweater’ for celebrating Christmas Eve, we recommend you to check Christmas Ugly Sweaters for French Bulldogs from our store. Why we love Christmas Ugly Sweaters for French Bulldogs? Christmas sweaters not only keep your French bulldog warm, but they also bring the holiday spirit into your home. Isn’t it great to see your family members all dressed in ugly sweaters, opening the presents, and celebrating one of the…
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contemporary hooded french bulldog jacket 1

Contemporary Hooded French Bulldog Jacket

Are you looking for a luxurious and quality French bulldog jacket to make your dog warm and safe this winter season? If yes, then you’re gonna love our Contemporary Hooded French Bulldog Jacket. It’s available in two metallic colors and will make your dog spotted wherever it appears. Why we love Contemporary Hooded French Bulldog Jacket? Luxurious details Unlike other basic-looking jackets for French bulldogs, this one features luxurious faux fur on the hood. Besides, it’s crafted in gorgeous metallic rose gold and silver colors. Your little princess will look always in trend and ready for the winter season. Thick…
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padded winter vests for french bulldogs

Padded Winter Vests For French Bulldogs

How many times did you want to find a 2 in 1 solution when taking your dog for a stroll? The Padded Winter Vests for French Bulldogs will become your dog’s favorite piece of clothing when going outside in the cold weather. They make the dogs warm and keep them safe during strolls at the same time. Why we love Padded Winter Vests for French bulldogs? You won’t need a harness anymore These gorgeous vest jackets feature double D rings on the back, so you can only attach a leash and your pooch will be ready for a walk. The…
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french bulldog plush pig hoodie

French Bulldog Plush Pig Hoodie- The Cutest Hoodie For Your Dog!

Less sun, more layers. That’s how we would describe stepping into cold months. And, for your Frenchie, it means wearing layers too. Since these little gremlins can’t sustain walking in cold weather, it’s essential to dress them in warm clothes. French bulldog plush pig hoodie is inspired by the iconic Frenchie’s physique and can be worn on different occasions. Whether you need a dog costume for your Frenchie or just a cute and warm hoodie, this pick will surely catch your eye. Why choose French bulldog plush pig hoodie? Pleasant fabric No Frenchie likes to wear something that would bother…
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leopard hoodie for french bulldogs

Leopard Swagger Hoodie For French Bulldogs

We’re pretty sure that only Frenchie owners are familiar with the feeling of being spotted wherever appear. These lovely pooches catch everyone’s eye with their bat ears, piggy bodies, and charming personalities. And since cold days are knocking on the door, it’s important to keep your dog warm and snug. Leopard Swagger Hoodie for French Bulldogs is a total hit this season! Why We Love Leopard Swagger Hoodie For French Bulldogs? Unlike other basic-looking French bulldog hoodies, this one comes in an eye-catching pattern that can be worn on special occasions. Besides, the cut is carefully tailored for these little…
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Cowboy Dog Costume For French Bulldogs

We all agree that getting ready for special occasions bring positive and fun vibes into our homes. Whether it’s Halloween party, someone’s birthday, or Christmas, you surely don’t want your Frenchie to wear basic and boring-looking clothes. Our dogs equally deserve to look festive on those special days.  That’s why we want to represent you with the Cowboy Dog Costume for French bulldogs. This hilarious piece of clothing will surely bring funny moments for everyone. Why We Love Cowboy Dog Costume For French Bulldogs? Vest made of pleasant fabric Do you want to turn your Frenchie into a mad bull…
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hooded sweatshirt for french bulldogs

STARS Hooded Sweatshirt For French Bulldogs

Only French bulldog owners can describe the happiness of seeing their little gremlins wearing cute dog clothes. Despite the fact Frenchies are famous for their iconic faces, wearing adorable and trendy clothing can make it not only fabulous but also warm and comfy on special occasions. Let’s find out what makes our Stars Hooded Sweatshirt for French bulldogs so popular among Frenchies. Why we love Stars Hooded Sweatshirt for French bulldogs? Choosing French bulldog clothing is definitely not an easy task. Since they have short and stout bodies, these lovely batpigs require wearing specially-tailored cuts for their ‘elegant’ bodies. That’s…
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satin french bulldog pajamas

The Best Luxurious Satin French Bulldog Pajamas by Frenchie World

Whether it’s about having a rest or chilling during a day, wearing comfy and soft pajamas is more than essential. So, if your dog likes sleeping and chilling more than anything else, then you might love to buy him/her these Luxurious Satin French bulldog pajamas. Why your pooch should wear Satin French bulldog pajamas? Well, you probably think about why your dog should wear pajamas. When we talk about humans, it’s true that we wear them while sleeping, however, dogs can have many benefits from their wearing. Satin French bulldog pajamas by Frenchie World can be worn to warm up…
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mud splash dog tank shirt

Mud Splash Dog Tank Shirt By Frenchie World

If you’re searching for a lightweight piece of French bulldog clothing that will protect your pooch from different harmful elements, then it’s the ultimate time to check our Mud Splash Dog Tank Shirt by Frenchie World. When to wear the Mud Splash Dog Tank Shirt by Frenchie World? Since it’s made of breathable and thin cotton, this French bulldog shirt will keep your dog safe from different allergens such as seasonal pollen, dust, mites, and insect bites. Besides, it can protect your dog’s skin from sunrays so it can be very handy to wear it in hot weather as well.…
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french bulldog life swimming vest

French Bulldog Life Swimming Vest by Frenchie World

If you’ve decided to spend a day on the beach with your lovely Frenchie, then you should know that your pup will need the help of a French bulldog life swimming vest. It will keep him/ her safe in the water and improve floating. There is a common misconception that every dog has a natural instinct to swim, without being thaught. And, while it’s true for many dog breeds, it’s not the case with Frenchies. French bulldogs can’t swim for an extended time, although they seem to know pretty well what they are doing. That’s why we want to introduce…
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