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Do cooling collars work for my French bulldog?

As the weather warms up, our Frenchies go through real struggles. They can start to pant, fight for air, and become unable to regulate their body temperature. That’s the time when the dog cooling collars should step in. French bulldog cooling collars are made of special heat-resistant fabric and most of them come with cooling gel filling. How can a cooling collar save your Frenchie from overheating? By cooling the neck area, we help in prevent heatstroke-induced reduction of blood supply to the brain. The neck area is known as a ‘refreshment spot’, so when the dog protects his neck…

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Top 11 Summer Essentials For Every French Bulldog

Since summer is almost here, we all have to start thinking about how to protect our Frenchies from overheating. Unfortunately, these guys can’t regulate their body temperature due to their brachycephalic skulls. Taking them outside in hot weather is life-threatening, so that’s why we decided to provide you with the list of the top 11 Summer Essentials for your Frenchie. What are the most useful summer essentials for French bulldogs? Planning a summer vacation with a Frenchie might sound challenging. You have to choose a location/beach with plenty of natural shade and provide your pooch with special cooling clothes. Since…

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french bulldog shirts

What Are The Best French Bulldog Shirts With A Cooling Effect?

Warm days are almost here, so we need to think about how to keep our pets safe. With all those summer hotness, here comes a potential heatstroke for your Frenchie. Since it’s the last thing you want to happen to your pet, taking certain measures can help your French bulldog easier paw through warm months. These French bulldog shirts with a cooling effect are carefully made to respond to your dog’s needs. The best picks of French bulldog shirts with a cooling effect When it comes to picking French bulldog shirts, we all have to agree that fabric plays an…

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french bulldog designer clothes

The Cutest French Bulldog Designer Clothes For The Spring Season

We all love to see our Frenchies wearing fancy clothes. They look so chic and glamorous when walking down the street in stylish coats, jackets, and sweaters. If you’re also one of those owners who love buying French bulldog designer clothes, these picks will definitely catch your attention. Each clothing piece is carefully tailored to suit the French bulldogs’ unique body proportions and cheerful personalities. So, hurry up! Grab your favorite pick before they’re gone. Top 11 French Bulldog Designer Clothes for any occasion With so many unique features, French bulldogs are one of those pooches that require wearing clothes…

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rainbow windbreaker french bulldog jacket frenchie world shop white s 36711182008578 590x

Rainbow Windbreaker French Bulldog Jacket

Want to make your dog snug and safe when walking on crispy spring and autumn days? Rainbow Windbreaker French Bulldog Jacket is one of those essentials that will make your pooch both stylish, chic, and warm. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when someone says ‘spring’? For most of us, it’s a warm spring breeze and a lot of sun. However, what to do when the weather gets bad and the temperature goes down? Spring and autumn seasons might be quite risky for your pet’s health. It’s not only because everything starts to bloom in the…

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Top 7 French Bulldog Hoodies To Make Your Pet Cozy

Don’t you just hate it when your Frenchie is dressed better than you? The latest trend in pet fashion is all about dogs and their matching outfits. You can find everything from doggy sweaters to dresses, but while some may think all those shine and glam is unnecessary, we’ve found that there’s a lot of thought behind these decisions. Not only does each piece have an intended purpose for walking around town and looking great, but they also serve to make a dog comfy and warm. These picks of French bulldog hoodies are ready to take their place in your…

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french bulldog harness winter vest frenchie world shop navy blue m 27364479959189 590x

French Bulldog Harness Winter Vest

Is there anything better your dog could wear than a jacket that features a harness on its back? Are you looking for a way to keep your furry friend warm during winter walks? Check out our French Bulldog Harness Winter Vest! This stylish and functional vest is made of waterproof fabric, perfect for keeping your pup dry no matter the weather. Whether you’re braving the cold or walking in the rain, this vest is perfect for keeping your Frenchie cozy and safe. When to choose a vest harness over a regular French bulldog harness? Dog vest harnesses represent a much…

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dog hoodies with hood autumn winter wear clothes for puppy pet bear ear fleece sweatshirt for french bulldog frenchie world shop 31957684781205 540x

Bear Zip-Up French Bulldog Hoodie

Do you have a Frenchie who loves to lounge around outside? Bear Zip-Up French Bulldog Hoodie is perfect for keeping your pup warm and cozy in the spring and autumn seasons. Made of a polyester and cotton blend, this hoodie features a handy zipper closure as well as an adorable hood with bear ears. Let your furry friend spot some style with this chic and trendy French bulldog hoodie! When to dress your Frenchie in a hoodie? French bulldog clothing is not just cute. It can serve a purpose! Frenchies are adorable but they need to be dressed for the…

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Top 10 French Bulldog Jackets For The Spring Season

Even though dogs have built-in coats, there are actually good reasons for putting a jacket on your pup. They can keep our Frenchies dry and warm in cold weather and help regulate their temperature. The best French bulldog jackets will make your pooch comfortable and protected during strolls. Depending on the season, you can choose those that are made of waterproof or breathable fabrics. However, the purpose is the same. They should all keep your Frenchie warm without getting in the way of their potty habits. Why is it important for your Frenchie to wear jackets? Going on strolls during…

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ultra soft french bulldog hoodie frenchie world shop 31583584551061 540x

Ultra Soft French Bulldog Hoodie

When choosing the perfect French bulldog hoodies, you have to take into account their unique body shape and also avoid clothing that will irritate sensitive skin. Ultra-Soft French Bulldog Hoodie is one of those must-have items that will help your pooch safely paw through cold and breezy days. Decorated with cute mouse ears on the hood, this French bulldog hoodie will be a perfect pick for every fashionable four-legged pooch. When to wear the Ultra Soft French Bulldog Hoodie? This is the perfect hoodie for your pampered batpig! The material of this awesome clothing pick will never cause them itchy,…

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