Beach Life French Bulldog Shirt

Keeping your Frenchie safe in hot weather is one of the most important tasks to do. Their short and flat muzzles are incapable to regulate their body temperature. So, besides choosing the coolest parts of the day for strolls, French bulldogs would be thankful to wear a protective and breathable layer of cotton over their sensitive skin Beach Life French Bulldog Shirt is one of those summer essentials that will make your pup look like a million dollar baby in the summer streets.

Why we love the Beach Life French Bulldog Shirt?

We bet there isn’t a Frenchie owner in this world who would not love to see his/her dog dressed in cute ad stylish clothes. That’s why we think you’ll be thrilled to see your pooch in our Beach Life French Bulldog Shirt.

  • Pleasant fabric

Since it features breathable cotton, your dog will get a pleasant effect while wearing it. The fabric is thin, soft, and suitable for dogs with a tendency to suffer from skin allergies.  Some Frenchie can’t sustain wearing clothes made of artificial fabrics, so this French bulldog shirt will be a perfect pick for all dogs.

  • Attractive design

French bulldog owners simply adore the attractive patterns of this French bulldog shirt. You can choose between tropical leaves and banana patterns and match them with one of our trendy French bulldog caps and hats.

  • UV protection

French bulldogs can have a really hard time spending plenty of time outside during the summer season. That’s why we need to protect their skin and make them less prone to overheating by dressing them in protective clothes. The Beach Life French bulldog shirt provides UV protection and helps your pet to stay cool during exposure to the sun.

  • High cut

Frenchie owners might have a hard time picking clothes for their pooches because of their specific body types. French bulldogs have short, stout bodies, and thick necks, so finding clothes that will properly fit around every angle of their bodies is a sort of a jackpot. Fortunately, our store offers you clothes that are tailored to suit the French bulldog breed. The high cut on this shirt is especially important because a dry belly is a safe belly. Your dog will have an undisturbed potty time which is essential to consider when buying clothes for French bulldogs.

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Lana K.
Lana K.