Basic French bulldog hoodie – The Best Pick For Your Pet

Choosing the right hoodie for a Frenchie might sound challenging because of their unique body shape. On the other hand, they also don’t like wearing tight clothes that will irritate sensitive skin. That’s why we want to represent you to one of the most essential hoodies for the French bulldog breed. The basic French bulldog hoodie is comfy, soft, and made of a blend of natural fabrics.

basic french bulldog hoodie

When to wear a Basic French bulldog hoodie?

High-quality fabric

The material is identical to what a human hoodie would be made out of. Therefore, you can be sure that the fabric won’t cause your dog itchy and uncomfortable to wear. The material blend is high quality and it is durable on the outside while being soft and fuzzy on the inside. The inner part resembles the soft fleece.

Perfect for chilly fall days

The ribbed sleeves and bottom hem have a nice touch as well. Each part is well sewn to make sure that it will sustain your dog’s playful and witty behavior. We suggest you use it on your little gremlin in chilly late fall or early winter. Since French bulldogs are notorious for their tendency to quickly lose body heat, wearing clothes will bring them many benefits. In that way, you’ll prevent your pet from catching a cold, and getting frostbites.

basic french bulldog hoodie

Protection against insects and environmental allergens

This basic French bulldog hoodie is very washable, which is a huge plus in case your Frenchie gets dirty in the yard or at the dog park. It may help your four-legged friend to keep his fur free of environmental allergens such as seasonal pollen, dust, and mites. Seasonal pollen is one of the biggest allergy triggers in Frenchies that cause sneezing, runny nose and teary eyes, and itchy skin. On the other hand, it’s also perfect to keep your four-legged friend’s skin away from insect bites.

Comfort and high cut

Frenchie owners might find difficult to choose the right size and cut for their dogs. Sometimes, the cut can be too long, so it can present a problem for your pet when he wants to go to the toilet.

The basic French bulldog hoodie has a high cut that prevents your pet from potty messes. It’s also very elastic, so your pooch won’t feel uncomfortable while wearing it.

basic french bulldog hoodie

The hole for a leash

One of the most important features to consider when buying clothes for a Frenchie is the place to hook the leash. It can be of great help when you want to take a dog for a stroll. You don’t need to choose wider cuts, because the hole will allow you to quickly release or hook the leash.

Perfect for indoor wearing too

If you live in the cold climate, this basic French bulldog hoodie is perfect for indoor cuddles in the winter. If your dog doesn’t like to use blankets during the sleep, you can dress him into this hoodie to prevent him from catching a cold.

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