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Tanya M

Do cooling collars work for my French bulldog?

3 dog cooling collar

As the weather warms up, our Frenchies go through real struggles. They can start to pant, fight for air, and become unable to regulate their body temperature. That’s the time when the dog cooling collars should step in. French bulldog…

Top 11 Summer Essentials For Every French Bulldog


Since summer is almost here, we all have to start thinking about how to protect our Frenchies from overheating. Unfortunately, these guys can’t regulate their body temperature due to their brachycephalic skulls. Taking them outside in hot weather is life-threatening,…

Rainbow Windbreaker French Bulldog Jacket

rainbow windbreaker french bulldog jacket frenchie world shop white s 36711182008578 590x

Want to make your dog snug and safe when walking on crispy spring and autumn days? Rainbow Windbreaker French Bulldog Jacket is one of those essentials that will make your pooch both stylish, chic, and warm. What is the first…

French Bulldog Harness Winter Vest

french bulldog harness winter vest frenchie world shop navy blue m 27364479959189 590x

Is there anything better your dog could wear than a jacket that features a harness on its back? Are you looking for a way to keep your furry friend warm during winter walks? Check out our French Bulldog Harness Winter…

Bear Zip-Up French Bulldog Hoodie

dog hoodies with hood autumn winter wear clothes for puppy pet bear ear fleece sweatshirt for french bulldog frenchie world shop 31957684781205 540x

Do you have a Frenchie who loves to lounge around outside? Bear Zip-Up French Bulldog Hoodie is perfect for keeping your pup warm and cozy in the spring and autumn seasons. Made of a polyester and cotton blend, this hoodie…

Ultra Soft French Bulldog Hoodie

ultra soft french bulldog hoodie frenchie world shop 31583584551061 540x

When choosing the perfect French bulldog hoodies, you have to take into account their unique body shape and also avoid clothing that will irritate sensitive skin. Ultra-Soft French Bulldog Hoodie is one of those must-have items that will help your…