French bulldog Accessories

Despite being famous for its playful nature, the French bulldog breed can sometimes be difficult to handle. They require special care that can be turned into the fun game both for owners and themselves.

French bulldog accessories can keep your dog safe and make him become the main star of the neighborhood. Let’s find out what type of accessories can help your pet look stylish on every occasion.

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What types of French bulldog accessories should I buy for my dog?

Our collection of French bulldog accessories includes different items that serve your dog not only to look stylish but also to stay safe in certain situations.

Whether you are searching for cooling items, or you just want to make him look fancy – we have them all.

The dog accessories include not only bandanas and scarves, but also hats, caps, and other crazy-looking items that you would never guess you can use on your Frenchie. Dog scarves are meant to be a cute addition to your Frenchie’s outfit, while bandanas have two purposes.

The first purpose is to make your dog look fashionable, while our cooling bandanas serve to prevent your batpig from overheating.

Unfortunately, French bulldogs are notorious for their tendency to overheat, so in this case, using French bulldog accessories is essential.

Our summer cooling accessories offer you comfy and cooling vests and jackets as well. They serve to protect your dog’s skin both from sun rays and hot weather

Besides using French bulldog accessories in the summer season, you should also think about how to keep your dog’s paws healthy during winter. They can become cracked, dry and susceptible to different infection if don’t get proper care and protection. To make your Frenchie’s paws safe from street salt, and icy and sharp pavements, we suggest you check our vast assortment of dog boots and socks.

During the winter, your gremlin can use waterproof dog boots, while for the summer season you can use lightweight and breathable dog socks.

What are basic French bulldog accessories?

Other basic Frenchie accessories include feeding bowls, leashes, collars, harnesses, and water bowls. Those are ‘holy words’ when we talk about dog ownership. Therefore, to make sure you bought everything for your four-legged family member, we recommend you to make a checklist.

Since French bulldogs have brachycephalic skulls, it would be great to choose Anti-choke feeding bowls to slow down their eating. They usually have rotating bones in the middle to prevent a dog from choking.

When it comes to water bowls, our advice is to choose the elevated type to escape causing pressure in a dog’s joints. Portable water bottles are also very useful to keep your Frenchie hydrated when go traveling and shopping.

What to consider when buying French bulldog accessories?

‘Buy for your Frenchie like you are buying something for yourself.’ That would be our sincere advice for every customer. In other words, make sure the accessory you want to buy is quality and a good value for money.

If you are buying clothes for your little gremlin, make sure that the fabric is pleasant and the cut appropriate. Carefully measure the size of your pet and follow the size guide before you make an order. Regardless of what type of accessories are you buying, one thing is for sure. You are buying clothes and accessories not for your dog, but for your family member.

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